To ensure BOH Inc can provide the best service for our customers, we feel SAFETY IS FIRST. By following this simple principle, BOH Inc has been able create a safe, fun, working environment. BOH Inc prides itself as an industry leader in safety and believes Safety is First priority. Understanding that SAFETY IS FIRST helps BOH to provide a working atmosphere to help protect our people, communities and environment.

With safety first, we start implementing training at day one and continue with ongoing training opportunities throughout the year. Management recognizes the benefits of prioritizing SAFETY FIRST. Our goal is to be a zero occurrence rate, to achieve this goal; we have a series of safety policies and procedures to help eliminate accidents, injuries and incidents within our workplace.

Our programs are tailor designed to help create a safe working environment by identifying specific safety and environmental practices. We also provide continuing development opportunities to ensure a safe work place environment. These policies and procedures help our Employees prepare for their future with the assurance that BOH Inc is putting their SAFETY FIRST!