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Water Disposal North Dakota

The highest safety & quality services in the demanding environment of the Bakken

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Prompt & Consistent Response is what ALL our customer can expect.

At BOH Inc, we understand how important dependable water hauling services is to keeping the Oil Well Drilling process moving smoothly with absolutely no down time. By utilizing our fleet of more than 55 trucks, Two Salt Water Disposal Wells, and 24-hour dispatching, oil companies in North Dakota (Bakken Oil Play) have come to rely on BOH Inc for its prompt and dependable response.

Our team of highly skilled, specially trained drivers can extract fluids from pits, tanks and other storage facilities, transport produced saltwater to disposal wells, Accurately, Safely and Efficiently.

Salt Water Services

Because BOH owns two SWD in the Bakken, ( one located close to Epping, other south of the river) we control the lines which makes us very efficient, saving our customers time and money.

Freshwater Hauling

During the hydraulic fracturing operations of completion process it is essential that any of our customers NEVER have to wait on water. Because of the necessity to have adequate water levels, BOH has work with many customers coming up with some new practices that will ensure there is never a customer waiting on BOH, period.

Flowback Water Hauling

During the flowback operation of the completion process, the flow rates will continually vary and a company must be adaptable to handle these fluctuations. BOH is that Oil Field Service company that can and has handles the many different obstacles places in our way to ensure our Customers never have to wait on water being hauled away.

Production Water Hauling

Highly trained professional driver using 24/7 dispatching process, utilizing four 42" monitors, GPS, and job tracking allows BOH to effectively communicate with drivers but more importantly with our customers. We treat every opportunity as if we owned the oil wells, to ensure that every job gets done fast, while NEVER compromising safety or quality.

Drilling Fluid Hualing

During this process BOH hauls away fresh water or brine water after the drilling is complete. Providing the highest quality of work, while NEVER compromising safety or quality is a philosophy that BOH adheres to in all aspects of doing business.