Produced Water Pipelines

BOH drivers are specially trained and highly skilled at safely extracting oilfield fluids from pits, tanks, and other storage facilities for transport to strategically located disposal wells. We offer unsurpassed saltwater extraction efficiency with our state-of-the-art equipment, and we are dedicated to safety and environmentally sound practices. BOH has produced water pipelines that are connected to our customers water gathering systems. 


SWD Services

BOH is well-equipped to handle disposal of produced water economically and efficiently with our four saltwater disposal facility in North Dakota: the Springbrook Facility in Williams County (close to Epping), the Nelson Facility in McKenzie County south of the Missouri, the Ruud Facility about 15 miles northwest of New Town, North Dakota.


SWD Locations

Springbrook, SWD

Ruud, SWD

Nelson, SWD